Your Ecom Adventure Awaits

Your Ecom Adventure Awaits

Your online store is ready!

We know you excited to move in and put your products on the shelves. This training series will take you on a tour of your store and guide you on moving in. The training series starts at level 1 and at level 10 you open your doors to the public.

After level 10, upgrades will continue in the background and your store will continue to develop while the doors remain open to customers

Levels 1 to 20

A. Mobile app to manage store from anywhere

1. Open WordPress account

2. Set up jetpack

3. Set up mobile up

4. Edit products in app

B. Store admin details

5. Store Address

6. Delivery options

7. Payment options

8. Email info

C. Launch store

9. Replace coming soon msg with your welcome text

10. Test purchase and last checks

D. Products management

11. Add more products

12. Product description

13. Grouped products

14. Product attributes

15. Variable products

16. Product Visibility

E. Store management

17. Upgrade store to accept credit and debit cards

18. Customise automated email templates

19. Shipment tracking for customers to track their orders

F. Design Basics

20. Add a picture slider to the top of the shop page

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