Level 13

Level 13

Complete “Level 13”

Grouped products

1. Store back office www.storename.co.za/wp-admin

2. Click the “burger menu” (3 lines) on the top left

3. Scroll down and click “Products”, in the drop down menu, click “Add New”

4. Add product Name, Image, Description (Short and long)

5. Scroll down and change “Product Data”
from “Simple product” to “Grouped product”

6. On the left, click on “Linked Products”.
Next to “Grouped products” click on the search box
Search for a product name, and select it from the list
Continue adding products that you want grouped together

7. Under grouped products, search and add “Upsells”, products to display beneath this product as recommended.

8. Scroll up and click “Publish”

Example of “Grouped Product”

Start typing and press Enter to search

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