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With DigitalRetail, going online is fun and easy. Tell us how you want your online store to look and we’ll build it to the latest eCommerce standards. Support your customers on the go with a simple click-to-WhatsApp and connect your new site to your social media accounts to increase your brand awareness. Accept payments securely with included security certificates and take advantage of a centralised business administration portal for up to date reporting and analytics. Now anyone can sell online…

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Sell Online With These Great Features

Customised Design

Add your flavour and flaunt your style. Represent what your business stands for and infuse your corporate identity with your eCommerce platform. Make it uniquely yours and stand out from the competition.

Home Page Banner

It’s the first thing a user see’s when they visit your online store, that’s why we want to make sure it says something special. Blow them away with your business imagery, a fancy slider with multiple images, or an informative to-the-point business video.

Customisable Colours

Website colours play an important role in making users feel something familiar when interacting with your online business. Choose your own colours, or let us use the colours from your logo or brochure to bring your site to life!

Additional Info Blocks

Highlight important information to your website users with the use of 3 info blocks. We find them most useful when they show off your website security, shipping and delivery details, and the fact that you will offer customer support.

More Options…

In our premium feature set we offer more custmisation options than ever before! Change the text and style of your add to cart button, create a unique and feature rich menu bar, or take full control of your home page banner design, and more…

Social Media Integration

Hey! Check out my social accounts 🙂 Build your community, show your social side, share your stuff.

Link Up Your Social Accounts

We make it super easy for customers to find your social accounts. Link up to 3 of your most popular social accounts and show them off on your new online store with some fancy icons that make users more likely to click and interact with your brand.

Want More?

Take up premium and get access to our beautiful social media feeds that show off your images and posts from popular social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. Don’t have social pages yet? We can even help you create that too…

Get access to all these great features

Start selling online in under 5 days!

All The Pages You Actually Need

Sell online like a superstar with all the right pages. Simple, functional, and to the point website pages that make sure you’re able to start selling online from day one

Shop Page

Show off your entire product catalogue in a neatly designed grid. Choose to have 3 – 5 products on a line, how many you’d like customers to see on a page. Arrange by best-selling, latest, or price high/low filters

Product Pages

Each product on your store becomes its own page with special eCommerce abilities. We’ve tested them out and found the one that works the best so you don’t have to. Show off your products in style and wait for the orders to roll in.

Cart & Checkout Pages

Show users a summary of their order before they proceed to checkout. This will offer users reassurance before being guided to to complete their order on the checkout page. We’ve simplified these pages and added in things to boost your business credibility which leads to more sales

Need More Pages?

No problem, we’ve got you covered. Take up premium and add in additional pages like a customisable thank you page after a user completes an order, or add in a page with a integrated Google map, or tell us exactly what you need and we can make it happen.

Product Setup & Management

Whether you’ve got one or one thousand we’ve got the assistance you need to get your product/s online. Simplified product creation process, pre-made templates, and training guides and tutorials.

Pre-made Templates & Video Guides

Your online store comes standard with templates that allow you to easily copy, edit, and publish your products. You’ll also get access to simple training and video guides that will walk you through every step of the way.

Want Your Products Uploaded For You?

Take up premium and get access to our simplified creation process and a product management specialist who will upload your products for you.

Ready To Start Your Online Business?

Get access to all these great features and start selling online in under 5 days

Secure Domain & Hosting Made Easy

Why’s it always cloud this and cloud that? Don’t worry, your domain and hosting is always taken care of and there is support when you need it

Your Own Domain

Local is lekker, what’s even more lekker is a free domain* Choose your domain from millions of available names and secure your online business presence.

Website Security

Get your certified green padlock that shows just before your domain name in any browser. This adds trust and credibility to your business and makes people more likely to purchase online. Did we mention that it’s no additional cost?

Hosting & Bandwidth

When users visit your website, they consume your available hosting bandwidth. We offer very fair caps so that you can run your site with substantial traffic without incurring additional charges or experiencing loading issues.

Website Backups

What happens when something goes wrong? Well, we’ve worked in a rewind button so your website is never lost and can always be recovered. We offer monthly, weekly, and daily backups depending on your requirements

Payment Methods

Did you say cha-ching? Let’s help you get paid the easy way while helping your customers pay the easy way.

Accept Payments Instantly From Day One

Your online store comes standard with EFT payment gateway enabled so you can start transacting instanly. If you already have a payment gateway setup with a supported provider, we’ll also integrate that for you from the start.

Payment Gateway Setup

Take up premium and get access to our network of payment providers, or tell us what payment options or which payment provider you want to use and we can get it done for you. Accept the most used methods such an credit and debit card and instant EFT’s, all the way to Bitcoin and SnapScan.

Get access to all these great features

Start selling online in under 5 days!

Performance Reporting & Analytics

Knowledge is power and analytics gives answers. Use reporting and analytics to make informed business decisions.

Website And User Analytics

Understand how users behave when visiting your site. See which products they’re most interested in, how long they stay, and what they do. Get access to information like site visits, traffic locations, user demographics and so much more. Get these reports automatically emailed to you so you never have to look for them.

Sales & Performance Reporting

Get updates on how your online business performs. Know which products and categories sell best and how your sales measure up compared to previous periods so you can be equipped to make your next move or just keep on top of what’s happening. Get these reports automatically emailed to you so you never have to look for them.

Support Your Customers

We want to help you help them. Customers have questions, and they want answers. We’ll make it easy for them to talk to you.

Email & Phone Support

Your online business will feature click-to-call and click-to-email links that make it easy for any customer to communicate with you almost instantly.

Customer Support Form

Name, number, email, and message. Some customers prefer to send you a message directly from your online business. You’ll get a neat and easy to fill out customer support form that goes directly to your email

Facebook Messenger Chat

Get messages directly to your Facebook Messenger inbox. This neat feature comes with a floating icon on the bottom of your website making it easy for customers to chat to you on the number 1 social media platform

WhatsApp Support

The worlds number one instant messaging platform can be used to communicate with your customers too. This add on features a simple click-to-whatsapp feature which sends users directly to your WhatsApp profile with a pre-typed message so they can ask you any questions they might have

Ready To Start Your Online Business?

Get access to all these great features and start selling online in under 5 days

Centralised Business Administration

Manage your entire online business from one easy to use platform

Automatic PDF Invoicing & Packing Slips

Never send another invoice again. Your oline store will automatically generate an invoice with all the nitty gritty details on confirmation of a new order. You keep a copy, the customer has a copy, easy as that. Packing slips can be printed with one click of a button to make your shipping process more streamlined and automated.

Manage Your Online Store Accounting

Online store accounting made easy. Get access to everything you need to do your accounting by exporting your stores sales and other accounting information in a .csv or excel document

Shipping Rules & Delivery Methods

A to B, your destination to the customer location. How do you want to send those orders?

Your Pricing, Your Rules

Price your shipping your way. Set custom pricing rules for different delivery locations, parcel sizes, and delivery times. You can also set up your own rules to offer free shipping when certain conditions are met.

Collect Instore

Want to streamline and offer customers the option to buy online and collect instore? This is an optional feature that you can offer your customers at no additional charge. Some customers still prefer to collect their goods instore.

3rd Party Shipping Integration

Want to completely automate your delivery process? When you take up premium, you’ll get access to our shipping partner integrations where your orders are automatically dispatched to your preferred shipping provider.

Autocomplete Address Fields

Nothing complicates delivery more than incorrect address details. With our premium offer, you can get access to our Autocomplete Address Fields integration with Google Maps. This helps you get a 99% correct address capture so you’ll never have to double check addresses again.

Automated Emails

Who really enjoys typing repetitive emails? No one, and thats’s a fact. Say hello to automated eCommerce mails.

Every Email You & Your Customer Needs

Every time you or your customers interact throughout their buying journey, you’ll each receive pre-set email notifications along the way. That means everyone can keep up to date and makes important communication an instant and automated process.

Marketing Emails To Boost Sales

Want to take email automation from saving you time to actually making you money? Take up premium and get access to sales boosting automated marketing emails such as abonded cart recovery emails and bought-this suggest-that emails.  You’ll also get an inhouse email marketing software installed so you can handle all your email marketing from one centralised platform.

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