1. Store Management

1. Store Management

Come learn the basics and grow your confidence.
The Course in Store Management consists of 15 short lessons. We guide you on a tour of your store’s back office and show you around. On completing this course, you will know your way around and how your store works.

Outcomes (Skills learnt)

  1. How to access your stores back office.
  2. View and update user details
    1. Password
    2. Email address and contact info
    3. Delivery address
  3. Update store details
    1. Store address
    2. Currency details
    3. Stock management
    4. Delivery options
    5. Payment options
    6. Email info
  4. Build and use coupons
  5. Make a purchase and test your store
  6. View and edit orders
    1. Add coupons and delivery tracking
    2. Update order status
  7. Chat to Customers
    1. Send automated system emails
    2. Access your business email
    3. Add your business email to your phone

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