2. Product Management

2. Product Management

Master your skills and learn new ones.
The Course in Product Management consists of 15 short lessons. We show you how to build different kinds of products. On completing this course, you will know how to build products and categorise them to make it easy for customers to find. You will know how to manage online stores for clients.

Outcomes (Skills learnt)


  1. Setup your mobile app
    1. Manage products
    2. Manage orders
    3. Track inventory
    4. Chat to customers
    5. View sales and visitor reports
  2. Add more products
    1. Variable and grouped products
    2. Product attributes
    3. Importance of product descriptions
    4. Product Visibility
  3. Categorise products
    1. Build product categories
    2. Build product tags
    3. Add categories and tags to products
  4. Understand reports
    1. Visitor reports
    2. Sales reports
  5. Read through and update stores T’s and C’s.

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