Complete "Level 3" Set up mobile up 1. Download and install the woo commerce app Android IOS 2. Open app and click "log in" 3. Enter your store address and click "next" 4. Login with Google / Site credentials

Complete "Level 2" Set up JetPack 1. Visit your stores back office 2. Enter your username: admin 3. Enter your password: (password sent separately. copy and paste it) 4. Log in 5. Click the "burger menu" (3 lines) on the top left 6. Click "Jetpack" 7. Click "Set up Jetpack" 8. Click "Continue" and log in 9. Click "Start with…

Complete "Level 1" Open a WordPress account 1. Visit this link 2. Enter your website address. 3. Enter your username: admin 4. Enter your password: (password sent separately. copy and paste it) 5. Click "Install Jetpack" 6. Click "Install Jetpack manually" 7. Click "Activate Jetpack" 8. Create an account

Your online store is ready! We know you excited to move in and put your products on the shelves. This training series will take you on a tour of your store and guide you on moving in. The training series starts at level 1 and at level 10 you open your doors to the public. After level 10, upgrades will…

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