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Hook. what makes them check out a product highlighted below

give them a taste and wet their appetite


who we are.

what we specialise in

section 1

Pay monthly DR Club fees

link to pay. quick add to cart

section 2

Learn how to build a site

more info

links to certificates

section 3

Sponsor a student

more info

links to student sponsor

section 4

Buy a premium online store

more info

links to store purchase

Shop Page


what closes them.

Visitor must feel “I want it and i trust them”

This page is built to sell

Starts with products on top

Can add a welcome msg above products


I want it

dr club

3 certs

student sponsor

premium ecom store

dr canvas



Sites we’ve built

See our work

Ask the store owners for a reference

makes them jump off the fence and come over

(Below products)

Product page

  1. we’ve clearly communicated our offer
  2. and we’ve earned their trust
  3. ask for the sale



  1. Short description. quick summary of what they purchasing
  2. Price
  3. long description
  4. clearly articulated end result
  5. what are they purchasing
  6. and what are they getting

Cart page


Picture with


5 stars

1 sentence

(Add pictures to a top pic slider that auto rotates.)


Come try it out

Its a lot of fun.

(Bottom of cart.)

Contact us Blog

1. we are a digital only agency

2. no physical address

3. no landline

contact details

1. email

2. whatsapp

3. Cell


list of faqs and answers

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